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Lifetime warranty, long lasting, maintanence free, no paint, no stain, no treatment needed. Approx product life = Lifetime

Durable, able to be customized, ability to change design anytime and cost effective in comparison to the pvc. Unfortunately wood doesnt last as long as pvc but is a great privacy alternative solution. Approx product life=11years. (without treatments)

A cost effective solution for larger scale residences and commercial applications, great for cages, kennels and most pets. Approx product life= 20 years

Great solution for open look/feel or perfect for water views (lakes, oceans , pools, etc.) Opposite the chain link option, this fence is not cost effective and doesn't provide privacy unless customized (not recommended for small dogs) Approx product life= 20 years

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Xtreme Fence offers a wide range of fencing materials and designs to meet your project needs.

We specialize in property, construction, privacy, and pool fences. We oversee your project from start to finish to ensure it is done to your satisfaction. We use the highest quality materials and exceptional workmanship on every project.